About Coast Oak

Why We’re Different

Historically medical apparel hasn't changed much in decades, even with the creation of performance fabrics and breakthroughs in engineering technology.

To quote our colleagues: "scrubs are poorly designed, ill-fitting, non-functional, and uncomfortable."

We've been wearing scrubs for 25 years. We know firsthand the standard of style, fit, comfort, and professionalism needed to look and feel your best.

We are proud to bring you a professional wardrobe that actually fits and flatters. Our fabric stretches and bends with your body while providing comfort and softness. It also has everything you would expect the perfect scrubs to have including: 4-way stretch, stain resistance, wrinkle resistant, moisture working, and of course, they are treated with the best antimicrobial technology available.

Our styles have been meticulously constructed with your work challenges in mind. Every pocket has been placed in a location with a purpose. Every seam has been scrutinized for mobility and durability.

No detail has been overlooked.

Your work is hard and your scrubs should work just as hard as you do. Our passion is to make you feel your best and look your best in scrubs that truly are the best. When you look great, you feel great, and when you feel great our mission has been accomplished.